Free Meals

Gracemont Students and Parents,

Starting today (Sept 8, 2020) meals for Gracemont students will be free. This change is being made because of policy changes at the USDA. It is projected student free meals will be in place until the end of December. Families with children not in school will be able to pick up meals at the cageteria from 10:40 to 10:50.

Sharon Edelen, Superintendent/Principal

Need Photos

Gracemont YearBook Class

YearBook class is in need of photos for Yearbook. We wold like if possable for Studens, Parents and Teachers to send photos to



Oklahoma Educators’ Ultimate Guide to Prepare for OSTP Testing




Press Release

If you would like to provide input about a specific testing preference for the eleventh grade students for the 2020-21 school year
please feel free to contact Mrs. Edelen or Mrs. Wilkerson at the high school, 405-966-2233.

The two test choices are the ACT or the SAT; both are standardized tests used for college admission.




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First Photo of Gracemont Schools

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First Photo of Gracemont Schools

If You Can Identify Any of The Students Please Contact Debra Edwards At 405-966-2233


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